17 / Male / Straight / Forever Alone
Im Dont with this site do to people Like :
and other people like them who should be ashamed to be alive, since all they do is try to hurt and insult people weaker then them.
now i see why my parents never let me get a social site.
and now I see why type of people Create groups like ISIS.

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Never thought Asking for skype from people i was hoping to talk to would be a big deal. guess skype is a bad place to type in. well goodbye guys.

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The.Remnants.Of.Rawr asked

Are you copy and pasting the same thing and sending it to every girl? XD
No not "Every Girl" only the girls I Would like to talk to after i Delete my profile here later today/tomorrow morning.

Just thought ill try. it cause way too much drama. already wish i never did that. but at least i got some nice people to talk to on skype after i leave here so it did have a good side for doing it.

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if u dont mind feel free to ass me ^^" i would love to get to know u :P


I like your smile ^~^