18 / Female / Straight / In a Relationship
new orleans/baton rouge – US
Hello! I am Destiny, sometimes people call me Dessie, yes I'm taken my boyfriend might type his half after this but we've been together 4 years happily ^~^ um I love him a lot and we're both weird potatoes. I'm 18 years old, live in New Orleans and I'm in my last year of high school. I sing, play volleyball, dance and play bass guitar. I also love to game and draw too. Um I might start posting games on my YouTube account and other interestingly boring things lol. Anyway, I'll stop here my baby will type his half as soon as he can. Hey I'm Reed this beautiful girl's boyfriend. She is the love of my life and my world, so i will protect her from anyone who brings any form of harm to her. I love gaming and target practice. I also i have Youtube account. I'm a year older than her my birthday is in december. Sooooo yeah I dont know what else to put sooooooo, ummmmmm bye lol. Bye guys!
~Dessie & Reed

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