14 / Female / Lesbian / Broken Hearted
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I've made my own little world✧˖° – US
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((Please read all of this, that is why I put it here after all。))

✌ Sorry if I don't reply to your messages, I'm not great at talking and don't really like to。 Also I don't have a Skype or kik nor do I plan on getting one so please don't ask。 ✌

❀ Hai hai! I'm Celeste✧˖° I was born on a planetary alignment☽ I'd like to think I'm very mature but still strange。 I'm a mess lately。 I'm a smol and an awkward bean。
I'm a perfectionist and introverted。 。 。 I'm an awkward person overall just like everyone else。 ❀

Things that I am, like, or mean a lot to me:
cats ✦ anime ✦ Steven Universe (and other cartoons like it) ✦ "gamer" ✦ ♪bands/music♪ ✦ kawaii ✦ creepy ✦ pastel goth style ✦ space ✦ internet ✦ YouTube ✦ Drawing ✦ Vocaloids ✦ darkness ✦ pastels ✦ black ✦ Autumn ✦ nature ✦ poetry ✦ Japanese culture ✦ cosplay ✦ Tumblr ✦ aesthetics ✦ ♀venus♀ ✦
☂ I love thunderstorms ♥

❀How I look:
Some days I want to dress cute, other days I hate dresses。 Some people say I dress like a hipster or "Tumblr girl"。 My mood changes。 I am literally the palest person in my school and family。 I also have blue eyes and my hair is a light red-ish brown。 Again。。。 I'm smol, 5"2'。

☾My buds are PrettyLittlePsycho
and SmallSheepChild!!!☽

I'm really lame。 ✞ ☾ ✞
*       ·   * + ✦  
  ˚    ⋆ · .   
* ·     
. ✺
 · ⊹
  * ✵

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I didn't have anything to eat yesterday because I just slept. my sleeping schedule has been so off uugghhhh I only have 5 days of summer left.

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dinkleburg  asked

Hi pumpkin. You're a very lovely girl and so sweet. You're so adorable it literally makes me smile. Ilu so much. And ty for the drawing cupcake its my lock screen lol ❤❤ ilu bb xoxo <3
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Omigosh! This has made my day!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤ ily toooooo ^-^

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♡ Thanks hun & you're welcome c:


I like your profile btw ♡♡♡


Ahhhh sorry this is so late, but thank you! -blows kissessss-




Happy birthday!!! I hope it's a good one






Thank you for your kind words! You're very pretty too! :)


Good morning little one ^-^


Thank you