16 / Non-binary
Pimp Kirai.Uchiha
wtf – AE
☄cashmere princess Marilyn <3

☄ drown me in paint for the aesthetic
lameasstabi Q U E E N ✨✨✨🌸🌸
☄my blood is navy blue

☄ im such a saint im married to Amaryllis i once Deleted but im back i like to watch CornHub  Glory.Hole  , im also a cyberbully , i love Pizza , and i enjoy Dandelions oh and i have philothot .
i have a talent im [email protected] that likes to eat cornchips so please Dont.Tell.Dave  because its his ;^) , sometimes Spencer sucks me but it's Unpredictable HE calls me daddy. I'm a flowergirl . You guys r cunts
I'm pretty a.s.h
☄I'm a weeb with trust issues.

☄I swear its me not you.

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I'm here

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Tomorrow asked

judeeeee i missed you xc

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jude please.


why notttt? not like i'll be missed xD


i am sorry