14 / Female / Bisexual / In a Relationship
Chicago – US
I'm not really scene or emo or goth, though I was but it was a huge mistake.I came here since I heard about it from someone.
*The Weeknd
*The actual weekend
*movies besides horror, sci-fi
*my boyfriend
*alcohol (fight me)
*video games cx

*fake fans
*people who criticized The Weeknd but are now saying they repping X'O
*idk what else

Might get kicked out of my own house so if I don't respond for a lonnnnng time, there's a good chance I got kicked out.
Also I laugh in the face of serious issues such as cancer, starvation, droughts, etc. I know, I'm terrible. So just be prepared.

I don't come here that much so ask if you want any of my other social media.

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today is my birthday yayyyy cx

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Mistah.J  asked

Happy Birthday Beautiful <3
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thank you but i don't take compliments :|