22 / Female / Bisexual / In Love
doing eyebrows for Cheshire.kun
Where Soul Meets Body – US
βœ¨πŸŒ™ AlexπŸŒ™βœ¨
βœ„ MUA & Esthetician.
βœ„ Cats>People.
βœ„ Inked, pierced, ears stretched, my Prince Charming found me on (01|13|12).
βœ„ Body Modification is beautiful.
βœ„ Chai, zombies, vintage things, Lipstick, pin up, animals and nature.
βœ„ Mermaids & LOTR.
βœ„ Fairy Princess and Mom of SK.
βœ„ Moonchild.
βœ„ Paper Lungs with a Plastic Heart.
βœ„ Positive Vibes.
βœ„ You're groovy.
β™‘ SK Plastics with flirt and sashagrey β™‘

β™‘::Beautiful Flower Babies::β™‘
CornDog is My little princess and i love her. She is stunning af.
Princess  Qt and a sweetheart <3
awkwardboner Sweet little nugget.
flirt is a radiant goddess and ilove her vvv much.
Amaryllis is the sweetest lil thing and her smile brings Sunshine to my life.
phenomenon sweet lil gumdrop.
MomsSpaghetti qt boy. Pretty cool. Butthead sometimes.
daddy sweet sugardrop.
blessed perfect little dumplin. Sweet soul.
E.Whore qt little muffin
Whiteout sweet little sugarfloof.
Ariel lovely little flower, quite wonderful.
thatsbreanna is a beautiful blossom.
Atomic ☢  funny little go0ber
Glory.Hole adorable flower qt as heck
Dont.Tell.Dave  has a qt kitty and is pretty rad

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Yes. My throat has had it officially. Needed to break out the cough drops again

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Anonymous asked


Busy talking to ppl so not watching this

just by the title it sounds sexual

So shame on u

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i love your makeup & youre so pretty omgg


i ammmm <3 idk how long


ahahaha xoxo


Happy New Years Alex and Kitty cats πŸ’ž


It's okay Alex
I love when Angels visit my profile
I am now BlessedπŸ’–


TBH: your selfies are gorgeous and your makeup is absolutely spectacular


Rate//10000/10 πŸ”₯❀


What are you doing


Welcome ❀❀


Tbh;; Alexxxxx you slayyyy. You're so blunt and I like that about you. You're beautiful AF 😍 work it. I've know you for 6 months? I kinda deleted my other page but dang. I'd like to know you more tho. I need more online friends lol..BTW I used to fangirl(still do) when you heart my crap lol... 😭😭 but hmu more?