15 / Female / Straight / Recently Single
Texas – US
Hello Everyone! X3X It's nice to meet you all :3. My name is Aurora! Call me Rory or Panda! I like all types of thingies! I'm rather nerdy and stuff. I apologize in advance. Here are a few things about me:

I feel as if i'm drowning in my own regrets. Its a sea of blue but everything looks red. If only I had....Maybe I...The regret is nothing like fear or hate or love. Its breathtaking.

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Favorite Saying:
Life is too short.

Favorite Shows:
Psycho Pass (anime)
Grey's Anatomy
Anime In General

Favorite Bands:
The Days Grace
My Chemical Romance
Five Finger Dear Punch
Cold Play

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Missing my daddy. Wishing I could hold his hand again

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Panda  asked

Remember me? :3
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I sure do!