15 / Non-binary / Bisexual / Single
Greatest human ever <3 PierceTheQueer
I have a kik/snapchat/Skype and they are all Ccarter2282 if you people are interested in talking to me ^-^ you'll have a higher chance of an answer on there tbh...

PierceTheQueer is bae af <3
white.tiger is cuddle buddy <3
jazzypleaseee is cutipie and soft hair queen <3
Pryde the stalker of my profile <3 but yet a cutie
XxAshRawrxX is bestie and cutipie <3

I honestly enjoy lots of music and play guitar. I work at a recording studio and love going to concerts. I'm really nice and caring as long as you're the same way to me. Love everyone here ^-^

I honestly love all rock music and every subgenre under that. People claim me to be pretty/beautiful but I don't believe it. I mainly watch horror movies or listen to music.
I can go from Cannibal Corpse to Cute Is What We Aim For.

When people compliment me I argue with them bcuz I don't like to get my hopes up high. Oh, and I easily crush so yeps. That's just... I'm running everyone away.
. Well bye *waves awkwardly*

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Somebody should kik me... its ccarter2282

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PierceTheQueer asked

Will you walk with me till the end? Hand in hand to the grave, i'm not brave but I'll do anything for you, I'm falling don't pick me up <3
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<3 only if you'll do the same for me