30 / Female / Broken Hearted
Well for starters my name is Sharon.

I am a nice & loving kind of person that you could ever meet i mean no harm, i love video games pretty much every since i was a kid.
I'm not really a big talker
but i do try my best to talk to ppl..

my fav tv shows are Family guy & The x files, Vampire kinght, Black butler

I love to sing & dance i like workingout.

I do get bully a lot i was never liked in school just as today i'm sitll not liked but nothing i can do about it.

I have been though so much in my life that it's a good thing i'm sitll alive how idk...
i've had kids in my school call me names or tell me to go kill myself becuse no body want's you here, for a long time i did think that but as i got older i knew i was loved by my family who does want me in this world, i never had any real friends they would do me wrong & tell me to do things for them becuse if i didn't they would tell a lie about me to my family.

Even my teacher hated me it would always be me to be the black sheep. in school i would have to go without food at times because my teacher wouldn't let me eat because she would think i was the bad kid when i wasn't.

I would be that kid that would be in the back of the room where i though i could be invisible to everyone...

Sometimes i feel like if i was even meant to be here
i feel so out of place in this life that i try my best to love everyone even if i do get bully i sitll try to love them even though i get called names.

I'm used to it so it's ok

i do live with my mom & dad
i guess becuse i know i well be save with them even though i feel like i want to just run away.

i have 3 neice's.

I like to write poetry & story's.
If you want my kik morgannaxox here it is

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I'm sorry you look the way you do Kroosexd

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