14 / Female / Single
My name is Mary, I am 14 years old, from Latvia.
I have done suicide in my past. I know Latvian, English, Russian and little bit German language.
My favorite color is black. I love night and moon. I am smoking. I am listening different kind of music - pop, rock, metal, alternative....
I love watching tv shows as - Tvd, Teen wolf, Skins, Faking it, Scream, The Originals...
I play piano, sing, dance, act, write book...
I love magic, supernatural, mystic and stuff like that.
Blood ❤
I am not a "God person".
If you want to know something more, then ask 👄💕

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Yesterday I got 300$. I am so happy because the most time I get just 100$ for week. Today I will buy some cool stuff. ❤

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Mistah.J  asked

Happy Birthday Beautiful <3
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Tnx :)

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