17 / Non-binary / Homosexual / Single
Oklahoma – US
HEY YO, My name is Marty Burns and I'm a total nerd and loser but that's okay because I have a big heart and friendship to give along with smiles and what not. I'm genderfluid and a lesbian and see the world for the wonder it brings((I probably sound like a loser)) Any way, on to more important matters like things I'm into and hobbies and all that good junk :)

///SHOWS I WATCH/// :)
1.gravity falls vs. the forces of evil
3.Invader zim who
5.danny phantom
6.steven universe
7. American horror story.
And MANY more.

1. Drawing
2. Writing
3. Cosplaying
4. Singing
5. Baking
And some more stuff I can't remember :)

Any way, I love making friends and meeting new people so please feel free to message me when ever, and i don't judge so don't be scared to be yourself, just come as you are :3 alrighty then, BYE ~~Marty

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Im sad. I just wanna be happy but i dont remember how