17 / Male / Pansexual / Forever Alone
Best friends XD <3 imposing.fear
Dead and Tired – US
Ello, name is Austin, call me whatever I really don't care. Bands, video games, outdoors at night is all my thing. Then there is drawing and graphic design. I also write books but haven't finished a single one yet haha. Wanna know more? Just ask, imma open book.

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I'm probably not gonna be on much anymore. I have been busy and I came on for certain reasons but now those reasons are gone. Sometimes I wonder why I came back to sk. Every time I leave it's for almost the same reason. I'm about to just give up on it entirely. F*** Life.

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LordFarquaad asked

You deleted me?
No sk is being blarg

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add me on snapchat jrichens3


Happy birthday!!!!