19 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone
is adorable Stormo
fucking creeps, wanting to know where i live. – US
B.O.O.B.S: Best Oddball Online Buddy
Name: Ana LaChell
NICKNAMES: kitty, Kitten, CuPcAkE, Bitch, silly girl, baby

BDSM (submissive)

If i like you i will put you in the following list below but you have to TALK first lol.

favorite people:
Master is my best friend. Ever. I have known him for over 3 years and our friendship gets better and better. He makes me laugh and is easy to talk to, so add or just hit him up he likes to chat!
dinkleburg is one of my friends. She is so f***ing cute and adorable you will just fall in love with her instantly
Amaryllis is my beautiful butterfly. You wouldn’t believe just how f***ing amazing she is. She has a big heart and will always be there for you. And she has a wonderful smile that just makes your day better.
FollowingMyIntuition is so sweet and caring he is so fun to talk to and he is a jewl.
thatsbreanna is a f***ing gem! She is literally so awesome your mind will explode (don’t say I didn’t warn you)
Lil.SnowFlake is gorgeous and hilarious not to mention has a great sense of fashion and an amazing bod.
A.Thing nothing really to say here except that he is awesome has pretty eyes and a wonderful head of hair
Cocaine known for posting food porn
FatalOptimist is goals. Plain and simple
XxDaddysKittenxX is amazing my kitten buddy and bdsm pal

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heart for a heart and compliment

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Master asked

How does it feel that I deleted all my photos of me :3? I am now a ghost ~
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i hate it bring them back immediately

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I shall forever be the greatest friend ever that no one can ever even hold a candle to (☞◣д◢)☞ Also love you to and you is awesome ^^ so awesome I can feel the burn of awesomeness >.<


Never heard of it xD


Oooh noice what game x3


Groggy, Just woke up outside on a chair with no knowledge of how I came to be outside xD Hbu


Heyo x3


I am so ready for this stalking moment