18 / Female / Holosexual / Single
Misunderstood Cannibals with Snoot 
Well i live in my bed – US
Yea so I'm like the most popular person in the world

I have 2 and a half friends
Bet that you feel bad about your life now eh?

Jk i'm total trash
but pretty trash
make the other trashcans go BANGBANGCRASH
Hey Aus10
Since you like shoutouts so much, here's one!
You need to pull your head outta your ass. Visit my profile whenever you need to remind yourself!

Anyone who is feeling depressed or panicked or just plain s***ty can message me, I will give you encouragement

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Tbh rn I don't feel so hot, i'm pretty upset

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Anonymous asked

Sure as long as u take it in the ass
Naturally, I'll burn in hell if I don't

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Not many pics to go on, but a solid 8/10 👌