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I want my daddy back.

Would you let me call you dadd?

Thoughts of you surround me You're the beating of my heart The love you give defines me My life no longer dark You give your hand so sweetly I am lost if you're away You have me so completely I cherish you night and day Without your breath I cannot live I need your lips on mine Nothing at all I wouldn't give I'll take nothing and be fine For in your arms I'm always home So happy and so proud Never a day you'll feel alone And I'll yell it oh so loud. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART

(January 15, 2017 at 10:30 PM) Sleep has been ripped away from me by insomnia. As I barely have a grip on sleep to start with, nightmares break my fingers. One by one. Till my grip on sleep has been taken completely. So now I sit. Alone in the dark. Awaiting the nightmares. Expecting my thoughts to scream at me. Knowing that I'll be alone once the sun goes down for the night time to take over the sky. When I close my eyes, I see things looking at me. And when I open them they are still there.

how am i perfect..? im so confused.?

Im so f***ing clingy god dammit

I really want doggo

I'm tired as s***.

Tyler Carter is my daddy <3 (Side To Side By Tyler Carter is the best<3)