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I couldnt even help my as useless as a white colored pencil...unless im on pitch black paper

IM sorry im not perfect okay!

i wish someone made me feel special

Pick a color any color. please

Because now that your gone, im back to my 3 friends. Randalyn Findlay, December Bahling, and Emerald Gunther. And i think my official silence...has begun...

Even tho i know when i do, you'll leave me too. (if you havent noticed i stopped talking about kade, and i am now talking about Josh) He wont be seeing this post, and i dont know if i even want him to see this post. My bodys feeling sick and my heart if feeling broken and i think for the first time in my life, losing someone hurts more then knowing you cant have them back. Josh if you do see this post or hear about if or whatever, know that i cant. I cant, I cant, I cant!

Listening to Kade Rogers makes me wanna cry, i dont know why, but he does. Just listening to him makes me anxious and feel like i belong somewhere. Its a good feeling and a sad feeling, because i know when i turn it off, that my feeling of hope.. will be gone. I think of his voice when i try to sleep, i think of his smile when i try to sleep, and i think of his love when i try to sleep. I havent been able to sleep. And for the first time in a while, ill be sharing my feeling with some of you. and my boyfriend broke up...he found someone better, but the thing that hurts more is that the day we broke up, he told me about how when he broke up with his (ex) gf he couldnt love her as much as she loved him, and thats exactly what happened to us

when that one person messages u..

lets eat oreos together