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Konnichiwa watashi no tomodachis :)
My real name is Mishelle (Misheru in Japanese). I love anime, yaoi, reading manga and of course regular novels. I love to write (I'm currently writing my own stories and poetry). I love mythology and wish someday to become a mythologist and an author. I am OBSSESSED with VAMPIRES and BLOOD! I do not like haters, fakers, bullies, animal abusers, etc. I am shy or at least can be at times. I am short tempered, i get bored easily, im fun to be around, im crazy ;), i will take risks (depending on what they are ), im easy going (so i've been told), and i want someday to have huge bat wings, a long black cat tail and cat ears to be attached to my body someday. I think that would be soo cool! Anyway, if you want to know any more about me, please dont hesitate ask. I wont bite you (not hard at least ;)) Sayonara watashi no tomodachis!

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Skype: Name: Emerald Dragomir
S. Username: this-kitten-has-claws
Gmail: 1.)[email protected] 2.)[email protected]

Um, that should be all for now. Wanna know any thing more just ask me.

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Watching Haikyuu
and I really love it

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TheGreatillusionist asked

What is your favorite yaoi ship?
depends on what its from

onna my most faves is from Junjo Romantica

Misaki x Akihiko

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: )


i like pie






Haha xD


I really thought it was only me who had to deal with a family that does not understand.


Ah I am so horrible, my cousins always tell me I am way into yaoi.


Yesh! Then again I do not think there is a yaoi couple I would not like...


Yesh! Amazing couples!


Yeah! What are your favorite pairings?