18 / Male / Forever Alone
Lake worth – US
I'm a nice easy going person and love to have fun Im a true country boy looking for love
I love video games
And I know how to cook
I like to race cars
I'm sweet and loving and caring
I love all music mostly country
My favorite youtubers skydoesmincraft youallwayswin vintigebeef pewdiepie popularmmos
I'm not afraid to get dirty
I know how to show a good time
I'm German Irish polish Russian
but I get depres a lot
If u whant to know more about me just message me please

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If anyone cares message me if not I'm ending my life I'm sorry I just don't feel loved no one likes me I need someone please give me a chance anyone 😭😭😭

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domesticviolence asked

you look like a real straight shooter, brother
What? Lol

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I love you sooooo much baby 😘😘😘