18 / Female / Bi-curious / Single
Hello. So, I was on here recently before, but I had to delete this for some personal reasons.

My name is Shelby, I love the Fine Arts, I am a senior in high school, open minded about anything and everything, I do not judge anyone. I go by peoples personalities, not their looks. I am a lover, not a fighter, I love all genres of music except country, it always seemed like a boring genre of music to me. I love to go on adventures and explore, I have been single for almost three years now, I am usually the one to search for a boyfriend, but now I am just waiting and letting the guy find me. I love cats, I love to read, I am currently saving money to open up a Bookstore/Cafe with my best friend. JFC this is getting long. I will stop here and just let you message me haha, Have a nice day! <3 Stay Kawaii!

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IG- kawaii_kitty_3326