16 / Male / Gay / Single and Looking
Salem – US
Hello there! My name is Kaspur, I am a homo owo
I’m a f***in’ kinky freak.

I’m kind of self-centered…More like REALLY self-centered. I am a f***ing prince.
Treat me like one!

Here are some things about me:

All the stuff I listen to:
♥Green Day
✯Crystal Castles
✯Falling In Reverse
✯Sex Pistols
♥Alien Sex Fiend
✯Melanie Martinez
♥Linkin Park
✯The Offspring
♥Andy Black
✯Arctic Monkeys
♥Gnaw Their Tongues
✯Black Veil Brides
♥Pink Floyd
✯Studio Killers
✯Led Zeppelin
♥Suicide Silence
✯Nicole Dollanganger
♥The Boomtown Rats
♥No Bird Sing
✯Die Antwoord
♥Britney Spears

Things I like:

♥Walking around my town
✯Smoking weeeeed (d*** that's edgy)

Things I dislike:

☠Ignorant People
☢Losing people I love
☠When My Joints Click
☢Not getting attention for multiple days
☠Being Told Calm Down
☢Inappropriate Jokes

I'm smol and I will fight you.
(5’4) I am very weak though…
Come get some of this you pricks!

Btw I’m a proud furry! Also into pet play so don’t mind my collars hAH. (ᵔᴥᵔ)

I’m gonna be honest.
I was raped when I was younger, so I don’t take rape jokes very well.
Please respect that.

Thanks. ~ Kasspurr

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Dumped T-T