100 / Male / Straight / In a Relationship
My love my life xXkanayaXx
Florida – US
Touch me and I'll cut you.


I like music, skateboarding, and video games... Kys ;-;

Im into dubstep, some rap, very little pop and i love raga.

I used to have long hair. But ive been stripped of my mop... kinda sucks. But my head is lighter ig..
Fav song: nightmare- by avenged sevenfold

Fav artist: probably skrillex. Deadmau5. Zomboy.
Definalty avenged sevenfold!


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Well, I saw someone licking a Dora doll today... pretty strange. And I saw someone with a lighsaber on a scooter... I'm just kidding, but if that were to happen I would be the one doin it... lmao

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