18 / Male / Straight / Single
Guy buddy KayleexKitty
Texas – US
I'm John and I'm a nice and cool guy so say hi I won't bite.......hard XD
What I am
📚Comic book nerd
Basic stuff to know
🍕Pizza is life

😍Favorite hobbies
🚗R/C cars
😍Favorite movies
🔫Suicide Squad
⭐️Star Wars
😍Favorite comic
♦️Harley Quinn
😍Favorite color
😍Favorite bands
❤️Kitty in a Casket
❤️Lolita KompleX
❤️The Bombpops

I have
So ask for it

My YouTube is John Daniels
I only have music playlists on it though

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Dinoroobear asked

I think you are wonderful person! We should talk sometime ayye?
thanks and ok cool