15 / Female / Straight
Sister to Kirai.Uchiha
Not near you – UK
🖤Hi I'm Holly
🖤Talk to me, I'm really not that bad🌚
🖤I can be shy though:/
🖤(Secretly likes deep talks and conspiracy theories)
🖤I like to write fanfic
🖤Also, don't think you can argue with me and I won't retaliate^~^
🖤Pokèmon is life
🖤OBSESSED with Anime & Manga
🖤Japan too, obviously
🖤Low-key a Fujoshi
🖤Kpop <3
🖤I'm a bit of an asshole, but I'm not really sorry about it:p

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I'm an asshole sometimes. Sometimes I regret it, other times I love the fact I done it

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DeadNathan asked

You're awesome :D ^.^
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Thank you:3