19 / Non-binary / Polysexual / In a Relationship
I don't really call myself emo or scene, no offense but I actually make fun of them sometimes😂, ig I'll get much hate on here but ppl wake uppp it's 2016.Dont f***ing cut yourselves, it's the most stupid thing ever😂.And srry I don't listen to any of that "Emo bands".. I kind of hate botdf and yeah I just came here to see if scene kids still exist
About myself:
•My name is Natalia
•I'm a genderfluid (they/them)
•I listen to nightcore, bts & super junior
•I love anime, my favorites are One piece and assassination classroom
•I cosplay sometimes
•Im a huge otaku
•I'm not really a scene or Emo kid
•I love Japanese culture so much
•My goal is to live there and be a microbiologist
•I'm 15, ik it says 19 right there
•I draw a lot
•I watch too much Onision and Leafy oops ig I have no life

So yeah bye