17 / Male / Bi-curious / Happily Married
Houston, Texas – US
Good evening. Welcome to The Profile of which will have a small amount of details about me. First id like to say, I'm happily married to a lovely girl, Her name is Ruby, and we have been together for nearly 3 years That is all! My name is Markus, I am 17. I am a gamer who enjoys to mess with peoples minds and I enjoy to make random sounds with my mouth, also called Beatboxing. I am weird person and enjoy watching people suffer who upset me.
On that note, Message me and get to know me. I don't bite.

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If i link the video when i post it would anyone like to see my montage on Black ops3?

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xoxBabyGirlxox asked

why do i feel like i know you? >.>
Hmmmm, not really too sure. Maybe you should message and find out.

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No I wasn't I was just reading your bio like I do with everyone I add smh


You're welcome 🐼


Thank you very much!!


No worries :)


No problem and thank you :)


yup :P