17 / Female / Pansexual / In a Relationship
Lacey – US
Hai! I'm Nate! I'm actually a goth hehe but i love the scene style! I'm wiccan or a Witch ^.^ I love to sing, dance, write, read, learn, go outdoors and watch anime! I'm a bit of a dork but im cute and loveable! That is until someone p***es me off hehe i'm dangerous ^.^ And my girlfriend is a 6ft 1in wall of danger so watch out haha she's protective! ^.^
I vape, I love tattoos and have plans for many upon many, I love piercings and have a plan for lots of em, I'm also into automotive and racing!

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Please tell me i/m not the only one who get's annoying stupid people hitting on me not getting the fact i'm not interested. That i have a girlfriend?

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Jewis asked

You're so view
Shockingly lol

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your welcome


I think your beautiful