22 / Female
Chicago – US
Looking for people to talk about how much we hate the earf and such like as and I am told this is a place to do so. I am not sure if I am one of you but I am not here maliciously. It is simply nice to have another account where I can upload my drawings of flying butts and snoop-faced cats. Inquire for requests. Enjoy and thank you come again.

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I get up too early. Today is bad. Why is bad? Okay. I make cup of coffe. I pour into.. bowl? No, that's not right. I pour it out of bowl and into... all over the place. Ah f*** it's all over the floor. S*** it's burning my hands. I run over to sink to stop burning, but I slip on coffe instead. I fal and pull my back. Now I take 2 cyclobenzaprin and have to be piece of jelly all day. Coffee still not done. No milk for cereal? I killed my day.