15 / Female / Straight / In Denial
Tallahassee/FL – US
I'm an irreversibly annoying oddball with a sense of sarcasm that far outweighs my common sense. I like books way too much for someone my age (according to the local librarians) Harry Potter in particular (Slytherin all the way baby) and I listen to too much 'teenage angsty music' according to my mum. So yeah, that's me👍
I come off as bitchy and im very sarcastic but if you wanna talk my line's always open, I love new friends(considering my old ones were s***e and started acting like I didn't exsist so...) snapchat & kik:Milkshakr15

If I had to list all the bands I like we'd be here for days so let's stick with the basics yeah? MCR FIR P!ATD FOB SWPB LLG MDE and the like

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You know s***s wrong when you're spitting up blood.

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Pleee talk to me
What shall we talk about?

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