16 / Male / Straight / In a Relationship
The sister of xKathorrorx
Somewhere... Not sure anymore – US
You have just entered Adam's chill zone. Welcome, stick around, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


Whoah stop!


Did you see that?

Yes you, down there.

Is that what I think it is?

Yes! I knew it... It's the rest of my profile!!!

Who's this kid?

I'm Adam

You will grow to hate me

I hug people.
I'm weird... Just letting you know...
I'm overpositive!!!!!! :D
I'm a loyal person
Talking to people is my life. MESSAGE ME :DDD

"Yes Clarice... Tell me about you and I'll give you information"

Anime Is cool
^What he said^

Here's a few of my bands.
Mcr, P!atd, Bvb, Ptv, Tøp, ID, GrnDy, etc...

And some not punk artists like:
Queen, Barry Manilow, BIlly Joel, Billy Idol, The BeeGees, [email protected], BOC, David Bowie etc...

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SK is a dying meme

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Well then >.< ok. Thank you

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TBH you're very sweet,funny and chill to talk to💕👌🔥