16 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone
Milton Keynes – UK
Real names Chloe preferred being called Chlo.

Wanna get to know me? Message me.

I'm not on here to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend I'm here to meet new people and get to know them.

I'm not religious but I don't judge people for their beliefs everyone has different views.

I believe in ghosts demons healing crystals everything like that. I'm quite open minded and I like learning about new things.

I love nature and long walks anywhere that I can feel free.

I love body modifications tattoos and piercings I support them all 100% and I do believe that we should be allowed to work with body modifications.

I love music.
Bring me the horizon
Asking Alexandria
Suicide silence
I see stars
Sleeping with sirens
Pierce the veil
Artic monkeys
I prevail
Black veil brides
All time low
You me at six
Twentyone pilots
Green day
Fall out boy
Falling in reverse
Avenged sevenfold
In flames
I do like other types of music mainly rock punk screamo metal baby metal is my favourite.

I'm willing to talk to anyone but if you become ignorant or rude ask for nudes or to meet for sex or anything like that I will not hesitate to make you feel like a five year old who just wet themselves in the middle of class.I do enjoy meeting new people and I like talking to new people. I would rather just friends I wouldn't mind meeting someone to get close with tho.

I do not judge people unless they give me a major reason to which is extremely hard to be honest.

I prefer it when things are spelt properly it's an OCD towards spelling for me.

So my birthday is 01/03/2000 so at the moment I'm sixteen.

I love animals I have two cats two guinea pigs two bearded dragons two dogs and one hamster. I love all animals.

Well I guess that's all I can put on here about me if you want to know more just message me.

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Dont judge before you actually f***ing know me

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