16 / Male / Straight / Single
Texas – US
Hey there,
I'm Derick I'm 16. I am transgender Female to Male. Just thought I'd put out there that I am into females. I'm pretty cool I suppose. Mostly really nerdy and a huge Star Wars fan. I have a major thing for anything space and, I'd like to become a film producer in the future. I also hope to go to college in Ithaca, New York. Well anything else you want to know feel free to message me. :p

Kik: FTMDerick

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So a fun story! I work at Joann's fabric, and today I had a customer who showed no mercy on me when she couldn't get as much out of her coupons as she wanted to. She yelled and screamed at me in front of a manager, and the manager did nothing. About thirty minutes later she shows up while I'm checking out a customer. After I'm done she walks up to me smiling. I'm ready to be yelled at again... She apologizes and hands me a $15 gift card to Starbucks. I F***ING LOVE MY JOB!!! <3

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velvett.smith34 asked

How are you so cute?
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I'm really not though :p

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Thanks for the ♥ and add ^~^


How are you c:


Its nice to meet you finally <3


Hiya ⌒.⌒ I'm Sabii ♥