14 / Female / Pansexual / Forever Alone
latrobe – US
I'm Streame!! ^.^ I love metal music (any) I can come off mean at times but I'm actually down to earth. I also can seem a little shy I love meeting new people but I only get attached to a few.....I really love nature you can ask all my friends that...I will bet that some of you will develop feelings for me which I am confused about but don't be shy to tell me if you do because who knows maybe I developed feelings for you too ^.^ but yea I really don't know what to put on here....so yea hmu

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stop disappearing dude like if you're going to disappear then disappear to me....<3 Haha me and my stupid feelings for him <3

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LonelySoul asked

They don't scare me it's just recently there's been violent zombie attacks during these zombie walks
Ah I see hmm......well tbh idk what to say haha I mean we don't have that problem we have the clown problem