17 / Female / Bisexual / Engaged
Hailey Marie's Bitch – US
My name is Kalista. I'm 17.
I have a son, Remington Jayse Laine Canterbury.
There's not much to tell about myself honestly. I'm bipolar, schizophrenic and I have severe depression and anxiety.

You can talk s*** about me all you want but you say something about Remington and I'll sit back and watch die slowly and painfully.

Caution!! Warning!! Beware!!

You can add me but you will never be the same!!

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It was all roses, drippin' in diamonds, sippin' on champagne. She was all uptown, wearin' that white gown, takin' her last name. She can hear those church bells ringin' ringin'.....

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BiPolarReminisce asked

Wow that sucks, like dude no one should have to deal with that on their birthday
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I'm use to it. The f***ed up thing was she left a little box and a card in my mail box. The box had a "I love you to the moon and back" necklace in it that I gave her on mothers day 3 years ago and a card that was colored in by some kid.

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Thank you very much for the add, care for a chat?