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When you're 13 and listening to "Welcome to the Black Parade"...

mac.demarcos.dick you're a little bitch

Pizza.Slut tbh i don't really know you but i see you in my stalkers ;), you seem cool though and i like the fabulous man in your bio. send me a friend request if you want

mac.demarcos.dick tbh i've seen you in the halls and you're pretty cute, you should hmu sometime

Like for a tbh

I love my haters skrillixfairy

I wish I was a cat

Yo, i'm bored so you guys should ask me questions

I think i'm gonna redye my hair! I was thinking either green again or like a red/pink. Any suggestions? Not from trillfairy

My hair dye is fading😓😓 should I dye it green again or a different color?