17 / Female / Single
is the chanyeol to my baekhyun Choveychopchop
Huroshima – JP
Drink.Bleach is my daughter
I hate people. And I also feel like no one reads summeries but I love loyalty, I hate cheaters, I love smart outspoken people, yes I am lesbians I use to like guys but then I was sexually assaulted by guys, also I'm scared of being alone I would love to have a miss.J, I'm just like Harley quinn, I am also a neko, I act like a cat, I love all animals, I easily die of heat, I love all music except for new country. I love talking to people, skyping as long as ur not a asshole or showing ur private business. I have snapchat so ask me and I shall give 😁😊~ love neko Harley Quinn

(´・ ・`)
╭( ๐_๐)╮
( 。・-・。`)
( ´ •ω•` )

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took a nap and took my meds still tired lol but cant sleep

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Drink.Bleach asked

I love u dad goodnight sleeptight and ill fight someone if they mess with u love u
I love you too my precious, beautiful daughter and I will do the same for you so nighty night sleep tight

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no I didn't know lol




HaHaha thanks!