13 / Male / Straight / In a Relationship
Massachusetts – US
Hi I'm Damian, a vegetarian who hates you (yes, specifically you) looking to joke about my mental health until you get the impression that I'm suicidal. When you message me, I'm most likely going to come of as rude or a dick. IT ISN'T MEANT TO BE MEAN AND I'M PROBABLY (not) JOKING. Don't take it (that) seriously! I like to f*** around, loosen up (that asshole). Anyways, I like bands such as: My Chemical Romance, Old Fall Out Boy, Old Panic! At The Disco, Old All Time Low (I'll stop now), A Day To Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, Escape the Fate, Oceans Ate Alaska, The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Of Mice & Men, Neck Deep, Falling In Reverse, The Devil Wears Prada, Rise Against, Vanna, Bullet For My Valentine, Dance Gavin Dance, etc. I don't like Twenty-Øne Pilots. I'm not talking about Twenty-Øne Pilots with you. Anyways, I also fancy a good ol' videogame or two. If you wanna Skype then I'd like to know you first then possibly we can. Also, disclaimer I'll most likely ask to get validation that you're real and not a pedo/creep (like me). If you're real, don't worry. If you're not, kindly f*** off. So, that's about it. ANYWAYS see you in Hell.

im.lame is a f***ing wonderful Australian and one of the few people on this website I don't hate.
Echo.Callisto is meme lord. I also don't hate her.
Waldo I pretend like I hate but she and I both know I love her.
Murderous.Venom is pretty f***in rad.
ii.hylian.ii likes me more than she should.
XxKillJoyXx  always hearts my posts even when I'm posting about vaginas which is a very good quality to have in a person.
BinkybabyxxX posts pictures that make me question the universe and contemplate suicide.
Kaitlynnluvsya posts too much in dash.
SugarFree is still active which I wasn't aware of.
LizzyKitty  I sent like 4 messages to and it was pretty fun ig.
memedealer I have no comment on so you can just ignore this.
ana7000 I honestly thought was dead.

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I wanna slit your throat and f*** the wound.

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VeganGains  asked

you're gay?
Um, no.

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Hey stalker


And your post are funny that's why I like them


10 cutie AF bro 😻👌


I am hurt!!!!!


You're such a hottie marry me


legit remove your profile pic, its pr0n