18 / Female / Bisexual / In Denial
Winchester – US
Hi my name is Anastasia! I like to play! Don't be boring.

I like to f***...yes i said it....dont give a d*** about judgment its 2016, no one should give a d***. I dont have a filter on my mouth, if you dont like it, not my problem.

I also love drugs....Im in rehab currently and i cant stop using.

I like my drugs niggas <3

message me for info...I don't bite...HARD. ;)

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I dont know about you guys but i f***ing hate why questions.... "Why do you love me?"....i just do. "Why do you believe in me?" ....nigga I just do! I think people just like to hear the same d*** thing over and over again. I am not answering why questions if my "i just do" answer isnt good enough then tough s***. Goodnight Ladies and Gents <3

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Amoeba  asked

lol i like this