99 / Male / Demisexual / Forever Alone
Gay proposal cyberbully
Shitcago – US
It's Cocaine.Cringefest here i got deleted....but hey im mostly here for cats and PastelPsychedelics has the best cats and is the Fairy Queen, cornchips only likes me for my cat. I spam a lot of music on dash because i have no life and i tell too many bad puns.... dinkster enjoys them tho i think? only came back because Aus10  and Ariel made me under heavy threats. Tumor.With.Legs is pretty chill...

stopitgetsomehelp is my gay lover

Xvideos here Jude you happy you're in the center, because you have to be the center of attention <3

Some cool cucks i really enjoy talking to.

hobbithair  felix hi
PG.13  hi glory boyo
NewtWantsToBootle  amazing guy really is
daddy is a super great and funny person
sedative from a s*** state(same)
Amaryllis honestly the nicest person ever
Dovahkiin dirty native
cherub  sky you potato bean
Legendary.Broly  Believe it
hideous he is bae
Nympho is a kind caring person til you p*** her off

Top 5 Bands
1.Dance Gavin Dance
2.System of a Down
3.Blink 182
4.Rise Against
5. Pantera

mostly play rust leage or overwatch(ps4)

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drank coffee still want to jump off a building

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PG.13  asked

Hi Derrick
Have a wonderful day
Thank you glory have a good day too

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Why do u care fgt


theyre really cool to read about actually


Vietnam 🍗


10/10 👌💕


Rate:6 tbh:idk you