99 / Male / Demisexual / Forever Alone
Gay proposal cyberbully
Shitcago – US
It's Cocaine.Cringefest here i got deleted....but hey im mostly here for cats and PastelPsychedelics has the best cats and is the Fairy Queen, cornchips only likes me for my cat. I spam a lot of music on dash because i have no life and i tell too many bad puns.... pryde  enjoys them tho i think? only came back because Aus10  and Ariel made me under heavy threats. Tumor.With.Legs is pretty chill... Versace is amazing and sweet but she'll f*** you up and im her wife

stopitgetsomehelp is my gay lover

PornHub here Jude you happy you're in the center, because you have to be the center of attention <3

Some cool cucks i really enjoy talking to.

f.elix felix hi
Regina.George hi glory boyo
RyujiDanma  amazing guy really is
daddy  is a super great and funny person
sedative  from a s*** state(same)
Amaryllis honestly the nicest person ever
Dovahkiin dirty native
flowergirl sky you potato bean
Kirai.Uchiha  Believe it
hideous he is bae
Ellla is a kind caring person til you p*** her off

Top 5 Bands
1.Dance Gavin Dance
2.System of a Down
3.Blink 182
4.Rise Against
5. Pantera

mostly play rust leage or overwatch(ps4)

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PastelPsychedelics asked

Bf:: I like your eyes. So eyes
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yes shirt brown eyes win the day ty alex

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Thanks for being friends with me <3 XD


Hearts for you kind&generous being xoxo


Where's my voice memo


Vietnam ๐Ÿ—


10/10 ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’•


Rate:6 tbh:idk you