17 / Female / Bisexual / In Love
Burning in the pits of hell – US
Hello, my name is Kalista, my satanic name is Kasdeya.
Favorite Movies: Suicide Squad and Jennifer's Body
Favorite Show/Anime: 1000 Ways to Die and Tokyo Ghoul
Favorite Bands: Sleeping with Sirens, Icon For Hire, Cannibal Corpse, Disturbed, A Day to Remember, I Prevail, Rise Against, Skillet, Shinedown, and The Cab
Favorite Singers: Kane Brown, Halsey, James Arthur, Andy Black, Avril Lavigne, Gnash, Machine Gun Kelly, and Blackbear
Favorite Song from each band/singer: Say you won't let go, IDFC, Fly, What Ifs, Bad things, Bad Girl, I hate you I love you, Too Loud, We don't have to dance, These lies, Stuck in your head, Second chance, If it means a lot to you, Saviour, Comatose, and Gasoline

Looking for someone that will love me through anything and everything.

I'm schizophrenic, I have insomnia, severe depression, anxiety, and I'm bipolar.

I'm completely capable of killing someone. I will NOT deal with any bulls*** whatsoever. It's very easy to get on my bad side and I promise you don't wanna see me p***ed off.

Skype: Demonic Princess
Snapchat: scarebear723

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Can't wait til February 3rd!!!!!!

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hey wanna chat >:#