16 / Female / Bisexual / Single and Looking
Dead town – CA
I love Video games, The Walking Dead, Emo's And Goth's, Also Anime, And Scary things don't forget Music!!

A Day To Remember, Yass!
3 Days Grace, Obv!
Get Scared, Please F*** Me!
Joel Faviere, Love him!!
Slipknot, Dont get me started!
Nirvana, Obv In love!
Black Velvet Brides, Yess!
Melanie Martinez, F*** me now!!!

F***ed your bitch up last night 😏😏

Professional looser! 😂😂

Demon at heart ❤😈😈

Suicide Room- Is the best movie of all time!!!!

Don't really know what else to say so stop judging me ass hole. I love you! <3😈😈

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Stayed up all night I have a Major headache..... Rip me.