18 / Male
Rogersville – US
Ive traveled to England, New York, Florida, Oklahoma and California. I'm not much to know, to be honest I'm a no body. I like to be one actually, that's just less drama for me. I can be an asshole. I have issues with a lot of things. I've lost too many. I don't open up, I'm filled with rage. I'm pretty cold hearted. I'm an asshole when I drink or depressed, so if I get that way with you just know one of those are done. Music is my life.
Lamb of god
Motionless in white
Suicide silence (Mitch)
Bands like those mainly are what I listen too. But I listen to other genres. Try not to get close to me. You've been warned enter at your own caution!

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Think I broke my knuckle and pushed it back..... Lovely what anger and a wall can do!