15 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Where you only see white lights – US
I'm known by many names,The main one being Skye. I'm not reall into screemo bands but I love Asking Alexandria other than that.
Ask me about:Megadeth,Iron maiden,Kiss,Van halen,Möntley crüe,Cinderella,Queen,Metallica❤❤,Ac\Dc,Guns n Roses,Nirvana,Def leppard,Ozzy Osbourne,Ratt,Whitesnake,Quiet Riot,Twisted Sister,Poison,L.A.Guns,Kix,Simple minds,The Eagles,Starship,INXS,The Police,Blue Oyster Cult.. there's more xD but It's a long list.Am a some-what Anime fan. (Otaku). .-. Call me nerdy idc. Favorite Anime:^0^ Death Note!!!!
Are you a Yandere or a Tsundere? A Tsundere.
Senpai can go kill himself.
.-. I'll miss him....nahhh
I'll talk to anyone if you can't handle my dark humor,just don't talk to me "You're mean :'(" Me:" :') I don't f***ing care you carpetmuncher.".Horror movies are life~

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Hey there friend.. Would u Like to chat on skype? U seem like a nice person to be friend with :D
If you want c:.

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