23 / Female / Bisexual / Forever Alone

*Lesbian* I appreciate my real guy friends that just want to have fun and communicate with me but they're are outweighed by the guys which want a "video" in return.....

A kitten in a human body
( i will not be a girlfriend!, if you do not understand pets in BDSM please refrain from getting emotionally attached to me. I love new friends though! )

I am shy and very strange, i find myself walking aimlessly when im bored.
Listening to depressing music when im not depressed and listening to happy music when im depressed.

i do like talking even though it may not seem like it but if you just send me sexual related things as our first conversation i normally won't feel to comfortable about it....

" Don't try to fix me, i'm not broken...."

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Comment of the day : " I hope you die of aids " - 21 year old male in a break up...

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Panda  asked

What's your favorite hobby?
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My favorite hobby is dressing up for things like Halloween! I love wearing my pet play gear in public. I get funny looks though!

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