20 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Sexual Cuddles c; LifeScreams
Under your stairwell – AU
Don't ask for a name. I won't tell you mine. I'm five foot and five inches. I'm a HUGE flirt and a very sexual person so, get over it. I have obsession for mirrors and any reflector objects. I'm pretty weird. I'm a narcissist. I'm a nocturnal creature. I'm really a vampire. Inked and pierced. I can play five instruments not all at the same time. Speak fluent sarcasm. I like to pretend that I'm funny. I spend the majority of my spare time online or dreaming.

<3 - Cuddling, horror games, scary movies and stuffs, video games, sleeping, day dreaming, composing songs, writing poems, lip biting, piggy back ride, piercings, tattoos, tall people, green and grey eyes, big eye glasses, mirrors, hair dying, fashion and clothing, Adventure time, CreepyPasta, late night walks and talks.

<3 - Slipknot, metallica, bfmv, sws, bmth, om&m, atl, mcr, ptv, rja, saosin, aa, alesana, nsn, fob, bvb. F*** with my music? Then, consider yourself dead. c:

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Got back. Yus, no one does care. lmfao

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