100 / Male / Straight / Single and Not Looking
Name is Zach. Been here before, long time ago.

I'll add more pictures later. If you're impatient, you can always send me a message asking for more.

Things i'm into:
~ Psychology
~ Anime
~ Games
~ Dogs
~ Nature and how it develops
~ Cranberry juice (don't hate)
~ 80s and 90s music
~ TV shows
~ Well thought out conversations
~ Open minded people
~ Attention (Deal with it)
~ The world and everything happening in it

It's difficult to describe me. I don't meddle myself with too many people on here, because i'm not sure i'd want to be a part of all this. All I really look for is people to talk to and just have a good time. No drama, no difficult issues, just fun, joy and happiness.

I also pull of glasses extremely well.

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Meanwhile I eat chips and laugh at America. But even over here guys, Democracy is dead. It's not working with how it currently is. I am all for democracy, but it has to change. America's political system leaves a lot to joke about, but it's not all that great over here in the EU as well. Js. Just laugh at all of it and shrug it off. Bitch when things actually effect you instead of thinking about doom scenarios. You people act like preppers.

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KurageHime asked

Agree, seems like a lot of people on here are like that though.(not really a question but I couldn't respond to the other question)
They are, which is why I went against it. It's fine if you want to ''shame'' something, that's all on you. Just use the correct terminology.