14 / Female / Pansexual / Single and Looking
Sebastian and chloe forevrr WillowTheWisp9
Central City – US
Hey its chloe i love singing <3
i play the flute i cook but mostly bake
i like to sit around a watch scary movies and supernatural i love cuddles and hugs!!
I am a little :P im a good little though
message me if you want i dont really like meanies but i come across them its whatever though. LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Cade Rodgers is amazing <3
my Navy Seals brother he just recently returned yayy!!! i love you big brother <3

Current Status View All Statuses this s*** is soo weird the f***ing people you find on omegle ._.

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Big.Boss asked

why are you dating a known sex offender and obvious pedophile

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Happy easter!