16 / Female / Straight / In Love
Who Cares – US
16 going on 17
~Love Country music
~Just recently got put in the friend zone 😭
~Really shy and nice
~I get angry easily.
~I hate liars, thieves, and people who are full of themselves.
~I don't give out nudes so don't ask
~Obsessed with Anime and Yaoi<3

~I don't understand why nobody likes me. I'm a great person to be around.
Cheerful, polite and goofy. All you have to do is say 'Hi Friend' and boom we're friends.
~My love life is a mess.

Vine:Yoosung-senpai (Theres a star after that)

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OMG!!! Im flipping the f*** out. Diegosaurs became my fan on Younow. AAAHH!!!!!

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BleachTemple asked

Relax. It's only the second time I've asked.
Can I poke ur belly
Sure y not