26 / Male / Straight / Single
Hi if you are reading this then you are thinking about conversing with me or you are just being nosey.
I am 26 i am white i have green eyes brown hair i am single.
i hate cars and people and businesses.
i like trees and leaves
i do not like girls who want me to add them just to add to their collection of people they never talk to just so they look good.
i do not like being ignored i do not like being the last to reply i always expect a reply.
i am very weird and cringy
i like youtube,movies,music,dvds i have over 300 dvds
money means nothing to me
i don't care what you look like what you wear or how much money you have i only care if you are a good person or not
i am not emo/goth/scene
i am a very special person
there is only one of me on this planet
you have probably already skipped me and clicked on prince charming's profile but if not then message.

p.s. i love boobies

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i am ill af