16 / Female / Straight / Recently Single
Real deal twins ArcaneKing
British Columbia – CA
I am from Canada, I live in British Columbia.
New rules:
•no face as a profile picture I won't accept- so annoying
•show your age, not interested in being friends with a person who can't even show a simple picture of their face I could care less if you are ugly I only care you aren't some old perv.
•I DO NOT HAVE SKYPE- literally I deleted it thank the old pervs on here for that.
•and lastly if you are a perv don't bother trying,not interested.
I do have kik, just ask for it.
My snapchat, just tell me your user and I'll add you.
I love animals, I have two dogs and two cats. I love them very much. The dogs names are Shawnee (shaw-neigh) she's part husky part wolf, teddy bear she is a Pomeranian terrier, the cats I have are kitty, she's a black cat and a jerk, the other cat is Doug, it's a girl she's grey and chubby.
Sometimes I act a like cat depends, just don't get weirded out. Not in the sexual way >.<
For the sports I play:
not much, but very time consuming with school and after school practises.

But peace

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Can someone please message me on kik, it's suiciderunaway

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ArcaneKing asked

i am on episode 10 now i think
Oh wow is it great