16 / Female / Straight / Forever Alone
Chav to xEcho
Edinburgh/Borders - Scotland – UK
hi hi my names Rummi (room-ee) and I am possibly the biggest loser of the losers . I have no clue what I am doing with myself or where the f*** my life is going but I'm currently just rolling with it until some good hopefully happens ahaha
I am VERY scared of people and I’m super awkward so I’m sorry for that.

Please don’t talk to me if your only intention is to try get with me because i don’t go out with people I’ve met online.
I am looking for FRIENDS :D cause i have none irl. Problem is im extremely scared of people so it's really hard for me to talk or make conversation and I'm really sorry about that

I really like drawing, Music, animals, spoopy stuff and cartoons/anime so those are some things i can probably talk about.
I'll just be blunt, I'm a furry.
Alternative names I'll answer to : Corgi, Zombii, Kitten, Twitch/Twitchy.

Socail medias and what not (barely use any of them lol)
- Twitter : ZombieRoadkil
- Instagram : Z0mbieRoadkill
- Deviantart (main) : Zombie-Roadkill, Backup account : PVNG0LIN
- snapchat : zombiiroadkill
- kik : BlueSpiritWolf
- skype : i dont give it out, don't ask for it

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i started crying because i got rejected by my crush again
so like i was just sitting on the floor throwing up into a bucket while leaning my head against a bed while crying my eyes out
he was super nice later and was asking if i was okay so ya he's awkward but hes a sweetheart

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Hey there friend.. Would u Like to chat on skype? U seem like a nice person to be friend with :D
sure thing dude, just inbox me. I don't do calls thoo

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Still my little chav forever and always <3


Ty !^-^


really every single decision but Y dear ?


If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?


I like your Blue Exorcist profile pic! ^~^


happy bday


Happy Birthday c: