19 / Male / Straight / Happily Married
Married to MeganSullivan
Cambridge – CA
Hai ya :) The names Blake Sullivan and halloween is the game ;P

I like meeting new people and making new friends.

I am taken by the best 12/15/15 and i do not accept people who just add me hitting on me so please if thats your attention then dont bother, dont mean to be rude but i just dont like to be hit on 24/7.

Avenged Sevenfold
I previal
Pierce the veil ect.

I love zombies and Vampires, fan of anime: deathnote, FMA, DBZ and Bleach.

Heavy gamer, love to play video games, perfered game is call of duty but the zombie mode.


R.I.P Mother, miss you so very much :'( 05/07/73 - 02/10/16

I dont care if your, Bi/Gay/Lesbian/Straight ect. If your nice to me ill be nice back.

I may be a vampire but i dont bite.